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Auto glass repairs and windshield replacements can be a hassle especially if you do not get the best and most qualified technicians and windshield installers. The first step should be identifying the best repair shop to entrust your repairs and installation too. Look for performance histories, precision in working and of course always consider the charges and convenience.

All these factors are what builds up Whitby auto glass because we have world class auto glass repair and windshield replacement shops that are located in Ontario and flexible to accommodate our customers. We pay special attention to our duties to ensure that you get 100% satisfied with our services.

We are the best in the business, and that is why we give a lifetime warranty on our services like wrongly installed the windshield that is leaking incurring you extra costs to have it corrected. Our services are reliable and at the most affordable prices. We not only specialize in windshield replacements but also repair auto glass and offer the best service. All our services are done with precision and the professionalism that leaves our clients happy to have enlisted our services. Our auto glass repairs and windshield replacement services include:
·       Free mobile windshield replacement and auto glass repairs
We have got you anywhere you are, we can easily come to you and do the installation and repairs from where you are which makes us convenient. Our mobile services are absolutely free, we do not charge for coming to you, we only charge for the replacement and the auto glass repair itself.
Our mobile services are available to all clients and potential clients within Whitby, Ontario, and our shop is open to all customers. Our mobile team travels with all the necessary equipment to properly and professionally serve your needs whether replacement of your windshield or auto glass repairs. We have different teams for both tasks and are therefore able to serve more customers at the same time.
·       Precision in our services
Many people are skeptic about windshield replacements by anyone other than the manufacturer because the replacement might be faulty and cost even more. We are however trained and mastered in windshield replacements and do an exemplary job. We ensure that the windshield is installed correctly and that we have given you the best service possible. The specifications given by the original manufacturer are followed to the letter and your windshield is replaced in no time at a lower price. We leave no room for regrets.

The same goes for auto glass repairs, we give nothing but the best to our clients, our auto glass are of highest quality and are of manufacturers’ standards. We use the best auto glass for repairs. All our repair auto glass materials are original and long lasting.

·       Professional technicians

We do not give our clients anything but the best service possible. When you entrust us to replace your windshield and repair your auto glass, you are sure that you have enlisted the services of professionals. All our technicians are adequately trained and have experience from years of working and mastering the techniques of repairing auto glass and replacing windshields. All our technicians are licensed in accordance with the law and are permitted to offer services in Whitby Ontario for repairs and replacements. We have no complaints from any of our previous clients about our services.

·       Low and affordable charges

Our charges are very affordable for all clients and ensure that once we replace your windshield, you will not incur any extra charges to have your windshield re-replaced because our services are top notch. We also deal with insurance companies, and we do not stress the charges out of you and also do not have you go after your insurance company for the funding, we are happy to follow up with the insurance company and ensure that we get you the best coverage available. This makes our services even more desirable to potential clients.

As for auto glass repairs, our costs are low for our clients to be able to afford. Many people believe that low costs are associated with poor quality products and services but at Whitby auto glass, we believe that our clients should receive the best services at affordable prices that is why we give you guarantee you of that with the lifetime warranty.

·       Advanced repair and replacement technology

We utilize the most advanced chip repair technology that allows us to repair the chip instead of the whole glass. This saves you costs and makes us be able to work speedily and fast to repair your auto glass. When it comes to windshield replacements, we like to take our time to provide the best service. We try to work as fast as possible and always ensure that we are updated and incorporating all the advancements that relate to windshield replacements.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Summer Heat and Your Mississauga Auto Glass


Why does the summertime heat matter to your car? As you will know it can really heat up in the summer around the Mississauga area, and sometimes we’re escaping inside, just to get out of those beating rays of the sun. But just like us, our cars can be affected by the heat, too. In fact, your Mississauga auto glass may only be moments away from damage.

Why is your Mississauga auto glass on your car more susceptible to damage in summer?

You know, when you’re driving around in your car in summer? What’s the one thing that you absolutely need to be cranked up? No, it’s not the tunes, although some might say that they’re a necessity. It’s your air conditioning.

While we used to ride around town with the system up and the windows rolled down, we now have to wind them up – so we can get that beautiful air con going and not have to deal with unsightly sweat patches when we show up to work, go on our date, head to the movies.

Air conditioning, especially in cars, has become such an integral part of our lives that we forget about the effects it can have sometimes. We sure notice when it’s not working correctly!

So, while you’ve got your car air conditioning blasting out ice cold temperatures into your car, you’ve also got the fierce rays of the sun beating down on your vehicle at the same time.

Ice cold air blowing on the inside of your glass. Super hot heat beating down on the same glass surface, but from the outside.

This difference in temperatures on either side of the glass is very stressful for it! Much like you’re stressed in the summer heat, so too is your auto glass.

If you have any small chips of cracks in your windows this stress is enough to cause further damage, extending those chips and cracks across more of your glass.

What to do when you get chips or cracks?

It’s time to call in the experts, of course. A good stop gap before you can make it to the auto glass repair shop is covering the chip or crack with clear plastic packing tape. This may help it from spreading any further.

If it is summer, then you should roll those windows down and turn off your A/C to prevent any extra stress on the glass.

Book in as soon as you can to repair your glass. Your windscreen is one of the main safety features of your car. Having an unstable windscreen may cause you much more damage if you wind up having an accident.
Many car insurance policies will cover some or all of the costs of replacing your damaged auto glass so it’s worth digging out your policy and having a look what you are covered for. You might end up happily surprised with what you find!

Repairs in the summertime

Did you know that auto glass repair shops need to follow process a little more differently in the summer? In fact, the will need to make sure that your windscreen is cool enough to work on in summer before starting any repairs. If they work on a windscreen that is too hot, the resin that is used to seal damage may cure too quickly, leaving the fix ineffective.

Any repairperson should know to first test the surface of the glass by placing their hand on it to test if it’s too hot. If they are then unsure, they will likely need to use a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the glass – to make sure that it’s okay to work on.

If the glass fails the hand test and the thermometer, then the repair person may refuse to work on it until the glass cools down, or they may choose to slowly cool the glass themselves. Many repair people will slowly cool the glass by turning on the air conditioner of the car but directing the air through the floor vents. This way the glass will not cool down too quickly.

 Any attempts to quickly cool your glass are not recommended. This makes the glass unstable, and any repairperson who really knows their way around a vehicle should be able to tell you that.
The resin that a repair person uses in summer also should not be too cool. The resin itself should be around the same temperature of the glass, so it doesn’t cause any further damage to your vehicle.

If you need auto glass repairs for your vehicle, then call the experts at Auto Glass Changers. We know everything there is to know about repair jobs for your auto glass and have great deals on all the time. Make sure to leave your vehicle with people who really know their cars.

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Scarborough Auto Glass Pros On How To Prepare Your Car For A Road Trip
Auto glass changers know that the summer is the best time to head out on a road trip with your friends or family. There’s nothing quite like packing up the car and hitting the open road, headed toward a favourite destination. Whether you’re only going a short distance out of town, or are planning on heading across the country, chances are you are incredibly excited about the sunshine, long days, and the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. In order to ensure that you, and your vehicle, are ready for the journey, there are a number of things you should do to get prepared. While a stop at your local Scarborough auto glass service centre should be one of them, there are several other ways you can get you and your family ready for the trip.Make A List.

whitby auto glass 

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the things you might possibly need while you are away. Obvious things like clothes and entertainment items should be included, but don’t forget to list things like toiletries, towels and other items that may be pricey to pick up along the way. Also include your chargers, power cords, snacks for the trip. Once your list is complete, divide it up into sections based on where the bags containing those items will go in your vehicle. Be sure to check your car’s load capacity, to ensure that you aren’t weighing it down or overloading it. Keep in mind that the load rating set out in your vehicle’s information manual includes the total number of passengers. When packing your car, be sure to put only light but bulky items on the roof, as heavier items can make your car harder to control in adverse conditions. Keep your snacks and beverages in easy reach, so you aren’t constantly taking your eyes off the road in order to ensure you and your passengers are well fed and refreshed. Don’t forget to save room for supplies that may be needed in a medical emergency, such as a first aid kit, flashlight and blankets.

auto glass Brampton 

Plan Your Route

Take some time well in advance of your trip to plan out your route. Don’t rely on just one mapping company, take a look at several and plan out a route that works best for you and your family. Ensure that you plan a route that contains enough rest stops to please your passengers, and if it’s a particularly long trip, gives you ample opportunity to visit any tourist attractions along the way. Use a GPS system, whether it be a portable one or an app downloaded to your phone, to help you get to your destination without relying on maps. Most GPS systems or apps will allow you to input your specific route if you aren’t planning on taking the one recommended by default. Use an app or system that has the ability to connect with local traffic systems too, so that you can be warned in advance of any possible traffic issues or to find an alternate route in the event of delays. Be sure you Dress for the Weather, and keep extra snacks and drinks on hand.

Be Patient

Every road trip is bound to be delayed at some point, whether it be by construction or because of an unanticipated accident on the road. Stay patient, and plan to allow yourself plenty of extra time if this happens to be the case. If you are travelling with your family, be sure that all your portable devices are fully charged. This will prevent children from growing bored with the delay. Pack extra snacks and bottles of water in the event the delay sets you back a few hoursHave Your Car Serviced

You should have your vehicle fully serviced prior to setting out on your trip to ensure you do not have to deal with any unanticipated breakdowns along the way. If your windshield has any signs of cracks or chipping, visit your Richmond Hill Auto Glass service center first, to determine if they can be fixed or if the windshield needs to be replaced. These minor cracks and chips can easily spread while you are on the road, interfering with visibility and potentially causing a collision.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Stone Chip Repair Toronto

Stone Chips are the most irritating of all types of damage on a vehicle. They are generally not caused intentionally by the driver or driver in front, but more of an every day occurrence when using motorways or on roads. Hard as it may seem no one is untouchable by them, wherever you have a large 4×4 or a small 2 seater, at some point in the period of you owning that car you will have had some kind of stone chip damage. I guess there may be one exclusion, if you owned a tank with 4 inch armour plate I think you might just be OK , or would you, I m sure the little blighters will get you somehow.
Stone chip repair Toronto are caused mainly by debris on the road, which gets caught up in the rear tires of the car in front, and at some point being flicked out of the tread by centrifugal forces acting on the wheel. The stone would impact on some part of the vehicle following behind, normally on either the front bonnet or offside and near side front wings. The resulting impact would chip out a section of lacquer and paint relative to the size of the impacting object. This process occurs numerous times throughout a standard journey, some smaller objects bouncing off while other creating damage. If some vehicles use the main motorways regularly the bonnet and wings of the vehicle will show the scars with heavily pebble dashed sections on the bonnets nose.
Repairing stone chips comes in two main categories
  1. Stone Chip Touch up repair. This involves the cleaning of the damaged area with some kind of alcohol based product then a rust preventative placed within the stone chip. After this has dried a primer is added and cured. The next step is to touch in the stone chip with some paint (usually a water based type) followed by a top clear coat of lacquer. After the repair is complete, the Stone Chip Repair Toronto
is not quite invisible but to someone looking at a glance would not see it. This type of stone chip repair is the cheaper option and most cost effective
  1. Panel Respray. This can be considered as the last resort for you would have to have a pretty pebble dashed bonnet/wing in order to warrant a panel respray. The process of repair is similar to the touch up repair stated above but carried out on a larger scale. Problems can arise when spraying large panels of a vehicle such as paint matching. This occurs if the car is older than 3 years or has a metallic or pearlescent finish. Every year of a cars life the paint would faint slightly year on year, so when the paint is made up this would be its original colour and does not take into account fading or bleaching which occurs over a cars lifetime.
The choice of stone chip repair method is quite limited and you should choose your option carefully. So finally if you wish to keep your car 100% perfect all the time your best option of stone chip repair would be option one. Other wise if you are happy to make the Stone Chip Repair Toronto less visible to the naked eye try option two I would.

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Things about Auto Glass Repairs You Need to Learn Today

This article busts some myth and common perception about auto glass repair. Read between the lines

Whatever the reason is for a broken, shattered and beyond-functional auto glass — it explodes on its own, some knucklehead who broke in, or a rock on the freeway that cracked in unintentionally — you need to urgently repair it to save yourself from all the impending mess. But wait; before you do so like every other gentleman, it is important you update yourself about how it works. As an Scarborough Auto Glass Buyer, this not just saves your valued time, effort and money; but also makes you a confident, informed buyer.

 Who needs a professional when I can fix the minor cracks myself

It is indeed a very worst decision to take. Don’t ever, we repeat; don’t ever try to repair cracks and chips in your auto glass yourself. It is always important you call a licensed technician, who has all the necessary expertise and tools to do the job. He will inspect it, and if needed advice you to either replace or repair it. If you also have some understanding of how the repair works, it is still not advisable you take up the tools unless you are master yourself. For once, you might able to fix it, but only to spend more money sometime soon.

My auto glass will be repaired 100% to its original condition

As sad as it may sound, it is guaranteed it can’t be repaired 100% to its original condition. The technicians might be able to repair it to a safe state but upon a close review, you can always find where the repair was done. So, next time a provider claims your auto glass is 100% repairable, show him this article.

 Why I invest in a costly product if they have downright cheap auto glass

The moment you think so, you are costing your security. The Chinese made products are available everywhere, more often than before, that most provider claim to be good. But do you think so? If you have a nice car, and if security is your most important decider, ask them what brand of auto glass they usually use. The good guys (read reputed shops) will explain you the differences between an OE (original equipment) glass and the equivalent OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass. Don’t be afraid to ask which materials they use. It is always recommended to use the best urethane materials to bond your glass. Don’t necessarily use cheap quality products. Cheap quality urethane may dry up before the repair is two years old thus having your windshield fall out of place.

Free windshield repair are such an amazing thing

Free Windshield Repair is a bait. Imagine the scenario — after you have a car wash, a young man who claims to be your dedicated free windshield inspector amazingly finds 3 cracks on your car. He assures you that the cracks are fixable since these are so small and because you have a full coverage, it won’t cost you a dime. You agreed and passed on the insurance info to them, and the cracks are repaired. But wait, all the effort you made only add your insurance premium to go higher. So, whereas you did not pay anything initially, you are actually going to pay for it down the line. The best way to get rid of such scam is to say not to free windshield repair, and have your cracks and chip repaired only when required, that too by qualified folks.

Bonus Tips

When you actually need to repair your auto glass?
  • The chip is larger than a quarter
  • The crack is bigger than a dollar bill — 6 inches
  • When cracks are interfering with your driving
  • Your costly car doesn’t need a stain

Monday, 25 April 2016

Auto Glass Whitby Experts Explain How to quickly defrost and remove fog from your car windows

During the chilly winter months, you can end up spending a fair amount of time on the driveway waiting for your car windows to defrost or for the fog to clear. This can be troublesome if you are in a hurry or late for work. According to auto glass Whitby experts, you can use a few scientifically proven techniques to move the process along a lot faster.  These simple tips can cut the time needed to defrost your glass in half and in lighter weather, prevent fogging or frosting completely.

How to Choose the right settings 

The most logical thing to do, is to press the defrost button on your dashboard and just wait. According to auto glass Whitby professionals, this process could be greatly sped up. Scientifically speaking, warm air can holds more moisture than cold air. So, when you first blast the windshield with a burst of warm air, switch off the in-car circulation. Draw air in from the outside, cold air holds less moisture. When you bring the winter air from the outside into your car and heat it up, the absorption capabilities of the air increases, causing it to clear up the condensation on your windows faster. This can also be achieved by cracking the windows just a little bit to let more cold air in. Also, turn the AC on, this pulls moisture out of the air as it is passing over the cold coils. You windshield will clear up in a matter of seconds.

How to Prevent Fog Build Up 

Fog build up is just condensation which has frozen on top of your windshield. If you are leaving your car outside during the winter, put some kitty litter in a sock and place it on the dashboard, directly beneath the windshield. Silica gel is a better absorbent, but it may not be safe leaving a large amount of it in your vehicle, especially if you have small children. Having a moisture absorbent close to your windshield keeps the glass dry and it will reduce the fogging when it first starts to get cold. For the months of the year with light snowfall, you can just use a tarp to shield your windshield. It will stop the snow from making direct contact with the glass, preventing any frost from forming. 

Home Remedies for Frost Removal

Frost on your windshield should never be removed with hot water.  It might sound like a quick fix, but the rapid temperature change can damage the glass. All you need in order to make an easy homemade remedy is:
·         A measuring cup
·         Rubbing Alcohol
·         Water

Take a measuring cup and mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol together in a spray bottle. If you just spray your glass with the mixture in the morning, it melts the frost off within a minute. Even if the car was outside, overnight during a snowstorm, the frost will melt off in a couple of minutes. You can just take a cloth and wipe the residue of the glass. The best thing to do however is to just spray the windshield at night, the frost the resulting morning, will be at a bare minimum. This solution can be used to pretty much defrost anything, in a matter of minutes. You can also use white vinegar to substitute for the alcohol, but the resulting solution is not as effective. If you do not trust the home made remedies you can always purchase an auto glass defroster from a reputable auto body shop.   
Winter can be hard on your vehicles, but little things can make all the difference.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

auto glass Brampton

Every driver on the road knows that terrible sound – the ping of something bouncing off the glass of your windshield. If this happens to you, visiting an auto glass Brampton repair centre is essential. Your windshield ensures that you, and your passengers, remain safe while driving, and is one of the most important parts of your vehicle to keep in good condition. Even if the damage is minor, you want to be certain that it won’t spread or lead to other issues.
An auto glass Brampton repair centre will help you determine if your windshield needs to be replaced, or if it can simply be repaired. Your repair centre will generally use these guidelines to determine how best to fix your windshield.
Size of the Damage
Most windshield repair service centres can fix minor cracks and chips using a special solution to fill in the crack or chip. There may be a small visible line where the chip or crack once was, but it will be repaired enough that the windshield is in moderate condition, and will allow you to see clearly. Generally speaking, chips or cracks larger than three to twelve inches will require windshield replacement, depending on the shop and the technique they use.
Keep in mind that major impacts, such as large rocks or other debris, will almost always require a full replacement. Solutions and gels can only do so much in these cases, and if the damage is deep within the glass, there is little that can be done to save the existing windshield.
Location of Damage 
Chips and cracks near the edge of the windshield spread much faster than those located in the middle, and even if you drive directly to an auto repair shop, there is a chance they will have already spread. In addition, these chips and cracks can impact the overall strength and integrity of the windshield, resulting in many shops advising full replacement.
Damage done directly within the line of vision of the driver will nearly always result in full replacement being advised. Even the best repairs can leave minor lines and distortions behind, which compromises the driver’s ability to see clearly.
Length of Time
If a crack or chip has been left in the glass without repair for long enough, it can spread to the point where repairing the glass will not sufficiently address the problem. In addition to the crack spreading, you’ll also have to worry about dirt, grime, and other debris working their way into the crack, further reducing the auto repair centre’s ability to fix the crack. This is why it’s important to visit an auto repair centre almost immediately after any damage occurs. Once damage spreads it not only means costly repairs, but it also reduces visibility overtime, making your windshield a hazard to safe driving.
If your auto glass repair centre advises that the windshield needs to be replaced, it’s important to take that into consideration. Many people may not want to spend the extra money on a brand new windshield, but it does directly affect the safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle, as well as others on the road.